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More art divided between recent and older!Collapse )
It's been over a year. You guys are so damn PATIENT! Thanks for still watching this little sketch blog.

I now oblige you with a huge art dump of things most people have never seen, because a lot of my art isn't posted anywhere else. The ones in this particular entry will be in order from newest to oldest. Enjoy!

Many an art, not resized.Collapse )
Huge art post, some brief nudityCollapse )

There's actually a lot more, but I'll make a second post later to spare slower computers at least a little bit of pain. XD

Ten plus various iconsCollapse )

NineteenCollapse )
Long time no post! Sorry to keep y'all waiting.

Art Dump: 10Collapse )

Thanks for looking!
Lots of different subject matter this time!

FourteenCollapse )
Sorry its been ages since I've posted here! Have an art dump. :D

NineteenCollapse )
FifteenCollapse )
Mostly commissions. I'm still open if anyone is interested!

NineCollapse )