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At long last! Here's a huge art post to make up for my absence this holiday season.

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Happy New Year!
No art in this post. Sorry all, just a notice! I have been arting, actually a lot even, but a lot of the things I complete now I will not be able to post until Christmas. So things will be dull for a bit, but rest easy in the knowledge that the community isn't abandoned!

I am also taking Christmas commissions if anyone is interested, everything minus full digital commissions due to time constraints. Email if interested. Also keep your eyes out for new commission types to be hitting the menu in the near future: ACEO art cards and traditional watercolor/gouache paintings will be back!

~The artist formally known as Walks With Socks
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Just a quick note, I've updated the community info page with more links to other artists' art communities. Feel free to take a look and check them out!

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I'm a little late for posting some of these, sorry! Welcome to all you new watchers. :)

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Art to post!

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New arts for yous. Mainly sketches this time. X3

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Its that drawing time again!

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